HOUR Detroit, Featured Artist: Lorenza Centi, Detroit, Michigan, Digital + Print, August 2019

College of Arts and Letters, Alumna Finds Success at Prominent Advertising Agency,
Michigan State University, Digital, December 2018

The State News, MSU Student Designs Exclusive T-Shirts for Urban Outfitters,
Print and Digital, April 2017

College of Arts and Letters, Student Receives Statewide MAB Award, Michigan State University,
Digital, March 2017

College of Arts and Letters, Student Designs Urban Outfitters Graphic T-Shirt,
Michigan State University, Digital, March 2017

UO x Artist Edition, Urban Outfitters, Digital and Print, Apparel, January 2016

Society 6, All I Want for Christmas, Digital Blog, December 2016


Interfaces and Us: User Experience Design and the Making of the Computable Subject by Zachary Kaiser, Digital/Print, 2023

Glaring Empty Spot on Your Wall? Get One of These Vintage Posters, Man Repeller, Digital Editorial, September 2020

Free, Issue 1, Print/Digital Zine, December 2017

Allied Forces Press, ALFA Issue No. 2, Print, April 2017

Milkweed Zine, Issue III, Print, March 2017

Accidental Discharge, Lorenza Centi, Digital, January 2017

Girl Mag, Girls in Real Life, Vol. 2, Digital Publication, January 2017

Sophomore Magazine, Why Spoken Word?, Digital, October 2016

Vagabond City, Literary Magazine, Issue 13, Digital, September 2016

Cry Baby,  Digital Blog and Print Zine, July 2016

MCA Zine Fair, Digital Zine, Pitch Zine x Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia, June 2016



U Up?, Group Exhibition, KO Gallery, Detroit Michigan

Virtual Art Buddies, HARD Gallery, Detroit, Michigan


Gilda Snowden Exhibition, The Scarab Club, Detroit, Michigan
Art Buddies Vol. 8, HARD Gallery, Detroit, Michigan


Art with a Captial A: The Wild West of Small Talk, KO Gallery, Detroit, Michigan

Art Buddies Vol. 3, HARD Gallery, Detroit, Michigan

Girls Art Now!, Society6 + Sexy Beast Planned Parenthood LA, Los Angeles, California

Women,  The Carr Center, Detroit, Michigan

The Bitters 2: We're Fucked, Whitdel Arts, Detroit, Michigan

Gilda Snowden Exhibition, The Scarab Club, Detroit, Michigan

Highly Reflective: Interactive Pop-Up Gallery, Cedar Street Art Collective x Sometimes Art House, Lansing, Michigan

Breaking Borders, Tangent Gallery/Hasting Street Ballroom, Detroit, Michigan


Girl Gaze, Group Exhibition, AA Creative Corridor, Lansing, Michigan

Gestural Cheesecake: Letterpress Exhibition, Pop-Up Gallery, (SCENE) Metrospace, Michigan State University

StoopFest, Music and Arts Festival, The Avenue Cafe + Hayford House, Lansing, Michigan

22: Graphic Design BFA Exhibition, Kresge Art Center, Gallery 101, Michigan State University

Illustrated Rights, SYNSOC: Synergy Society Group Exhibition, Good Space, Sydney, Australia


Get Out The Vote, AIGA Online Gallery + Group Exhibition, Jam Handy, Detroit, Michigan

On Walls, Collaborative Pop-Up Gallery, (SCENE) Metrospace, Michigan State University

Undergraduate Exhibition 2016,  (SCENE) Metrospace, Michigan State Universit

Creative Director + Artist

Based in NYC

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Estee Lauder
IMG Worldwide
Marc Jacobs
Man Repeller
Santa Monica Pier
Tik Tok
Urban Outfitters
Yves Saint Laurent